The program has two phases: Course work and dissertation research.

Phase 1: Course Work

This first phase covers the first two years of course work and a summer research project at the end of the first academic year. Students undergo Masters Level as well as Doctoral Level courses in these two years. Students undergo some PGPM (Masters Level) courses that help them get a broad understanding of Management as a discipline. Students undergo doctoral level courses that give them a strong conceptual foundation in their core area of specialization as well as research methods.

Successful completion of the first phase requires the attainment of the minimum grade requirements at the end of year one and year two of the coursework stage followed by the successful completion of the Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (CQE).

Phase 2: Dissertation Work

This phase begins post the successful completion of the students CQE examination and the formation of the student’s Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC). The student works closely with their DAC on their dissertation work in a phase wise manner. As the first phase, the student is expected to clear his/ her dissertation proposal, which is expected to consist of the literature review, identification of the research gap, proposal of the research question and research methods. Once the student successfully clears the dissertation proposal, the student is expected to work towards the completion of his/ her dissertation, which would require them to work towards the phases of data collection, analysis and the final writing of their dissertation. The student will be expected to make regular progress seminars to the larger IIMT community as well as their DAC where they will receive feedback on their dissertation. Once the student has incorporated all the feedback from their DAC and their DAC certifies that their dissertation is “Examination Ready”, the student will submit the examination ready dissertation copy to the FPM Office to be examined by experts in the field. These examiners will examine the written Dissertation copy as well as examine the student’s research during a public defense and viva-voce. On successfully clearing these examinations, the student will be eligible for the title of “Fellow of IIM Tiruchirappalli”.

Expectations from Students Throughout the Program:

The student will be expected to have a good grounding and conceptual knowledge in their area of specialization. IIM Tiruchirappalli requires students to strictly adhere to the norms of academic honesty throughout this program.

Through this programme, students are expected to learn how to do independent research which is of a quality that is internationally respected. Students should strive to publish papers in respected journals and present papers at international conferences of repute.

Along with becoming a good researcher, this course also helps students learn to become a good academician. Students will need to take up various opportunities like taking up projects as research associates, work with faculty members as teaching associates and other activities that will help them learn various facets of academic work. Students are recommended to strive to complete the program in 4-5 years.